Is forum anonymus

Haha what you said! Greasemonky and cookie injector script looks like i was targeted.

Listen moki_woki its really not my forte tracking a rather weak ability to say the least. All I know is probably done through cookies but this game these two ‘brothers’ play of our minds flooding with so much greatness is going to get more fun i hope!

All i know moki_woki is ip loggers and retreiving ip from email addresses. I’m a total noob!!! No threat to anyone

So I have 3 diffrent proxy sources. 500 shared very cheap ones if you take 250 HTTP and 250 SOCKS5 cant use on goolge but useful for myriad of other things. Then I have 2 very cheap local HTTP dedicated proxies good for browsing goolgle or whatever looking at shopping and finalley I have one SOCKS5 proxy from my VPN provider provided by free. This is sufficient the bare minimum i need im sure others can agree

A very satisfying thing this morning using burpsuite to create a local host rotating proxy with proxifier on Then using cewl to crawl a website with the windows kali linux app setting the cewl command to use the proxy Changed the proxy in burpsuite to bind to all interfaces.

I noticed something with my 250 proxies. Of one particular country from this great cheap provider none of them froim that country will ever show the correct country when you check the ip. It is so fun bulk checking them! Im getting good at it. Well all the other locations at least some of them show the correct location making them useful so fun this game!