Is forum anonymus

Hi are we anonymus here hope so. Attention seekers go to jail ■■■■■■■ Im eating tacos tonight by the way then pudding

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We encourage anonymity as the site remains searchable so people can access the advice from people here. It’s against site policy to use the forum to meet people. As long as you keep to these tenets you will be ok.


Been trying to use openbullet drink coaster. No good its funny its like trying to climb mt olympus just to do anything csr*f token. Reminds one of the legend of the ‘Hydra’. So ■■■■■■■■ shitting back and burping your food while swatting the owasps is the best way. The wasp is a different breed of insect though it would require a different automation just as fine tuned cause the way you cluser ■■■■ that stuff is different.

Th is is what we wanted where wannabees can easily do it

I figured openbullet out. It is now tool for me do i get a cookie :cookie: Oh and for safe measure i bought some proxies a while back i cheked earlier it says they dont keep logs hope i am safe. :smiley:

I know i was being tracked the guy was sending me emails. Total creep don’t worry he was arrested. Sorry guys hard day almost blew up at the workers.

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Dont worry from what I’ve seen the people here should understand. You probably live a very busy existence bro :sweat_smile:. If the anger pushes you to do to do better than thats a good thing.

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Going to drive for a late night snack soon. I am advancing rapidly as far as organization and systems on my PC setup. You see this creep tracker I don’t even want to visit the site i think they were on with an ip im using for regular browsing and i hate tor so im just using firefox with changed color scheme with my vpn browser extension.

Call it paranoia but this guy was insane or something.

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What i suggest is when doing careful things use the changed color scheme with dark reader making the page grey. You will feel like some badass computer whizz or something. You need to know what browser your in after all .

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Oh and dont forget about epic privacy browser. Various excellent proxies integrated in it. So that site you think that guy was on jsut use epic browser for that and do what i said for the other stuff youll be safe trust me.

Tor is ■■■■ almost no one uses it anymore.

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What a burger :yum:

Thanks for the tips you sound knowledgeable.

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With my proxies they say no logs my logic is if it is shared and no logs I can maybe be safe. If it wasn’t shared and was unique to me it would not be good. Firefox can’t put username and password in for socks proxy so use extension for that no doh but not needed for socks

You re welcome i’m only trying to help.

Its like taking candy from a baby. You see that? I got it down more or less. Its over

Things have been advanced. No more of mistakes like yesterday. I have multiple firefox installations yu can install as many as you want in different places. Instead of epic browser i am using a custom one on the site that guy was on creepy guy. It is for hard isolation. I even pimped it to make it look like tor icons everything used prgram called resource hacker to change icons :slightly_smiling_face: Epic didn’t give as accurate a scroll as i like :smile:

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Ok just make sure you edit the about:config settings for maximum privacy what did he want exactly?

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Yes I did I dont know what he wanted i think there was something wrong with him :rofl:

Yeah you know what I think he was using cookie stealing or cross site scripting. Probably burpsuite or owasp glad he was put away.

Nothing is anonymous online anymore.
But yes as long as you don’t reveal your last name and don’t take selfies, this forum is pretty safe.


Yes its all in the cookies from what i know. You lookup an ip it doesn’t give you nothing but location it is through the cookies and xss jus be careful @Purple_Beast

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