Is feeling lost and scared in public a symptom of sz?

I have this lately when I go to the supermarket. I feel scared and a little lost even though I know where I am. I’m worried it might be something other than my schizophrenia. Can this be a symptom?

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It sounds like it. I get the same sort of thing but also have anxiety that feeds off the sza.

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I get the same exact way.
Feeling like I’ll lose my way and frightened.
I think that it more has to do with anxiety but it could be something a schizophrenic experiences.


It is I think… Me, I spent so much time with an inactive brain, that I was literally lost and paranoid outside. Don’t be scared, its good that you wasn’t like this for too much time. It will pass. But I think its sz yeap :confused:

Supermarkets are the worst.

I had a social worker who told me one of the people he was seeing was afraid to go to supermarkets so they were taking baby steps with them. Like just standing outside the supermarket the first week etc etc.

Thanks for the replies, its good to know it’s not just me


I used to have a terrible time with supermarkets too. I used the think all the cashiers and baggers hated me. And I could find proof of it everywhere. Going to Walmart I had the same experiences. Shopping in general was just pure hell on me. That’s why I switched to online shopping. I get both department store and grocery store shopping online now. Makes it so much easier.

I get this feelings sometimes too. Just the other day I got hot and anxious and paranoid in the shops and wanted to get out ASAP.

i’d like to think that’s the inner child of us coming out.
i feel lost and scared a lot of times.
it’s scary.

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