Is falling quickly out of love a symptom?

A thought has been bothering me recently. I’ve noticed that while I quickly fall in love with someone, I just as quickly fall out of love.

I’ve been wondering if it might have to do with my schizophrenia, but I’ve been afraid to ask people IRL.
It’s as if, as soon as they reciprocate the love, something inside me breaks, and I just stop feeling… Well, feelings.
It hurts, because I want to love the other person so badly, and to some extent, I do, but not in the way I feel like “regular” people love others.
It also feels like every lovey thing I say or do is fake, as if someone inside of me is saying “I know you’re lying” even when I believe the “lies” myself.

At first I thought I might be gay, but I feel this way with both genders, even in long-term relationships. It’s as if some vital part of my emotional skills are missing, or something.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s not just a matter of lacking personal growth, but rather, a matter of my brain once again being dysfunctional due to the schizophrenia.

Does anyone have any experience/advice regarding this sort of thing?

It’s as if, as soon as they reciprocate the love, something inside me breaks, and I just stop feeling…

Maybe it’s just part of the human condition. A band called ‘Apollo 440’ wrote the following lyrics:

I’m gonna love you, till you love me then no more.

It’s from this song:

Do you have schizophrenia (sz) or schizoaffective (sza)?

If you have sza you might be rapid cycling or hypomanic when you’re falling in and out of love?

I don’t know. I’m probably way off and totally wrong.

I have ‘simple schizophrenia’.

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I have just schizophrenia too.

I wish I could have been more helpful in my response for you. Sorry.

Like telling me rub dog’s nose in house potty

what I meant is that my doctor said I have ‘Simple schizophrenia’ as opposed to ‘paranoid schizophrenia’, if that makes sense.

Don’t be sorry :slight_smile: Any response is helpful in it’s own way

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Oh sorry I misunderstood. I wonder what simple schizophrenia means and what differences there are with other types.

My psychiatrist is really hesitant to refer to the type I have, which is paranoid. He says drs don’t like to categorise it like that anymore.

As far as I’ve understood, Simple Schizophrenia is when there are a lot of symptoms like apathy, ambivalence, indecisiveness and so on, while there’s not a lot of psychosis-like symptoms like hallucinating, paranoia or delusions.

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Thanks for explaining that to me.