Is experiencing deja vu frequently a cause for concern

like many times in a day?

How does the déjà vu take place?

the feeling that you’ve experienced the same thing before

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But give me an example

Thats what i would call a brain fart lol. Personally i wouldnt worry.

Does not always mean its your mental health playing up x

I didn’t mean mental health I meant epilepsy or smth

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I doubt it means epilepsy

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I think it might be part of the pattern recognition that goes along with autism.


I find my dreams seem to play out in real life

It’s almost scary sometimes

Maybe it’s because my life is very small in some ways

When I dream it’s very instructive to me and I think it does actually influence how I make some decisions if several things line up

Nothing sinister I hope - but try not to give it much more than a thought as it’s just predictably at play


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