Is everybody in on some giant plot?

I sometimes think everybody is in on some giant plot against me. That includes all of you and my mental health team. I’m just not sure what the reason is. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thats just the illness talking Im afraid. Lots of people make posts like this feeling like the forum is a ruse. Do a search if you want.


Yes, I admit it. I’m after your Lucky Charms.


How’d you know I have a box of Lucky Charms? Lol

I’m not. I feel the same.

I look at my palm readings and astrology. It seems too accurate. I feel like they’re probably created just for me.

You don’t.

[munch munch munch]


Nope. This is just your brain telling you this to keep you safe. It is an “exagerated fear” - we are driven by survival. But schizophrenia takes this and forgets how to process it.

You are just experiencing a delusion of paranoia.

You are as safe as your behaviour warrants. Do not be dangerous to anybody and nobody will be dangerous back!! Believe in rationality!

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My giant plot is to get up early and go for a walk in the park. Other than that, I have no schemes or plans.

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that is delusional thinking…please tell your psychiatrist about what you are experiencing…


Could be a case of self fulfilling prophecy

Are you still leaving the forum ?

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