Is early morning waking a sign

I’ve been waking at 12, sometimes 1, 2 and even though I go back to sleep I’m pretty concerned because I’ve been laughing more more sociable and pretty much happier in general. Stupid reason to get concerned but there you go

It can be. Has anything changed recently that might account for it? Weather, for instance? It could be harmless, but keep an eye out for feeling like you are suddenly capable of things you normally would never try, things like that.

Hi @rhubot, you up in the middle of the night, like me?

I am! I’m so tired, too. What are you doing up?

not much, cleaning, and listening to rock on Q106.5

Not really apart from a little stress but that seems to have vanished

Could it be mania? I don’t know. I wake up early and don’t experience mania. It could have many causes.

Maybe meeting up with that guy put you on a good mood. Sometimes flirting makes me slightly manic