Is dumb funny?

I saw a I guess fb post…a person found corndogs growing wild…and then followed that ridiculousness with no amount of mustard is making the wild corn dog taste good and asked how to tell when corndogs are ripe…it was a reeded plant we call cat tails…it kinda looks like a corn dog…but come on…damit…so is dumb funny or just sad…?


Depends on the dumb situation… I sometimes do dumb things and get really frustrated. Other times I just laugh at myself. Either depends on the thing or on my mood at the time :confused:


Depends on context. But usually dumb is just dumb. At least in my opinion.

Lol more specifically when another is engaging in the dumb…I mix words up when I talk others find my bumbling funny…it usually knocks it from disappointed in my self to humor…

e(Y)e Fynde that When e(Y)e’m Off Meds , e(Y)e Laugh A lot … ,

It’s that Whole Thing Where Something is jus so Friggin Stupid my Brain Doesn’t Get it and e(Y)e Make Fun of the Situation and at Myself for Being Involved and then Peoples Get Pissed at me and THEN It Becomes Funnier , , , Cause they Don’t Get tha Joke , , , but Neither do e(Y)e Cause isn’t One , , , Which Jus Turns tha Whole Situation Upside Down and Inside Out and All e(Y)e Can do is Laugh About it … ,

So to Respond Your Question , Dumb Can be Funni , but the Ones Who think tha Jokes on them , Don’t Get tha Joke , , ,

Cause there isn’t One on them (OR) One at All … ,

It’s a Rubicks Cube Being Mangled … … …


The video wouldn’t play…obviously the corndog overlords don’t want us to know they grow wild…


I junk they were in on the joke. I hope.

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How is you junk involved ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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We were having a nice convo about corndogs growing wild and you bring your junk in on it. Lol…I junk that was a typo…lol

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Are you calling that post dumb because it’s a lame joke ? (I know a lot about these). Because I could understand if you were calling it a lame joke.
Because no one could believe that the guy honestly thought that corn dogs grow wild. He wasn’t serious.

Well, I hate to contradict myself but years ago a company put out a commercial on TV about their spaghetti that showed some peasant women harvesting some spaghetti off of “spaghetti trees”. It showed the women pulling it off and filling baskets with it. A large number of people saw the commercial and they really believed that spaghetti comes off of trees.

So I don’t know what to make of your post.

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No that video was an added bonus…the fb post I saw was legit worried they had eaten an unripe corndog…it was too serious…I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…


I like how the video is under the category “Pets & Animals.”

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It’s good to know that no matter what, people doing dumb things and posting it online is still funny.