Is discrimination just the majority confusing the minority into thinking they're wrong?


I am not used to being discriminated against. I try to figure out what they have over me. And that’s when they try to make me think they are the superior ones. Are they really superior or just bullies?


You and I share this type of philosophical musings.



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Everyone discriminates. Not everyone discriminates for the right reasons. If we’re driving through a neighbourhood with a higher than normal number of pawn shops and tattoo parlors, we make sure the vehicle doors are locked. I know the likelihood of violent crime is much higher in this type of neighbourhood thanks to growing up in one. The people in that neighbourhood will probably say I am discriminating. I would say I am being sensible.

Discounting someone because they are male, or female, or overweight, gay/straight, or a different race without getting to know them and their abilities is also discrimination. Nothing sensible about that. The word for someone who discriminates without a valid reason is: bigot. I am human so I occasionally cross this line. I try not to, and when I discover I’ve strayed across it I try and step back.



Look, people judge and discriminate all of the time - we stereotype many times - its just human nature.
My new family doctor was treating me alright, showing me some respect, even after telling him my diagnosis of mental illness.
Things kind of took an ugly turn, when I stopped by at my doctors office took get a blood test.
The nurse was having a hard time getting blood from me, so the doctor rolled up my sleeves and took notice of my tattoos - he also noticed my scars on my arms and hands - from cutting in the past.
His respect for me kind of disappeared and he was soon engaged in making fun of the fact that I am a bit overweight.
Humans judge on looks all of the time - he saw tattoos and scars and assumed the worst in me


The only place I encounter discrimination is at grocery stores and public transit buses. :trolleybus:


I sort of feel that discrimination is just people acting on their own fears and past negative experiences.

It doesn’t make it any easier to get through the day. It does hurt my feelings. But I have to try my best to not get caught up in others peoples baggage.

There really are some people out there where it’s not me… it really is them.


Yeah, it’s hard for me to realize I’m not always wrong.


The only place where race matters is Middle Earth. We are all the same species.


for the the record, i as a sith don’t descriminate…we obliterate any race of people/planet/species !?!
take care :alien:


They’re what you think, what they think, and what others think.


I really try not to judge someone by their appearance…the way I see it people can do the same thing to you whether they’re white, black, Hispanic, Bosnian, Jewish, whatever…I avoid all groups of people

trust no one.