Is depression self generated?

hey hey hey! I have this theory that depression is self generated. I think if you choose to get happy and excited about everything the depression will be gone. I always put a positive spin on everything and I’m no longer depressed. Medication definitely helps but I think your attitude is the main part. I think of my life as awesome, and outstanding and out of this world!

Sounds like you might have switched from depression into mania.


I think you got cause and effect all jumbled up.

There is no such thing as being too happy.

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It all depends on the situation you’re in.

Actually, there is. Mania is very destructive and can lead to all sorts of problems.

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No is not that simple. It’s biological to degree and habitual, though yes you can effect some change over the habitual aspect through changing your behavior and biologically through medicines/herbs

It will take some time to retrain your brain and it doesn’t happen in an instance but overtime by behaving in a positive way with a positive mindset you can form these new habits or virtues of optomism.

I have to disagree because I’m happy all the time. I have no lows and I’m not dangerous to anyone.

As for he biological aspect people are born with 1 of 4 temperaments or a combination of two of them. And some people are born with a melancholic temperament and they have a predisposition toward depression and mental illness. Someone who is sanguine would be quite the opposite and protected against it biologically

Let’s not turn this into an argument. I will catch you on the rebound!

Depression is a real condition, or it can be a real symptom of another condition. Thinking positively can boost your mood a little bit, but it will not fix it.

Just like how you can’t cure a physical disability by thinking positively, you can’t cure mental illness simply by thinking positively.

And I agree with this statement. You (OP) sound like you’re going manic.

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I think you are partially correct. IT is believed that there is a psychological element and a biological element. Thinking positive is very important for general well-being.

We think there is a genetic component to these illnesses too. However, my hunch is that, it is only environmental. I don’t mean you can choose to have or not have depression, because it also depends on the degree of control you have on your environment, but so long as experience can be molded in a positive manner, it could have eliminated your depression.

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