Is Depression real?

I’m pretty sure my main symptoms stem from depression, which has never been successfully treated with anti-depressants. Some antidepressants just mask the symptoms, and create worsened relapse and mania. That’s why I never could handle them. I was on Lexapro for several months, and I lost weight and became manic. My doctor took me off it and said I was manic because I denied that I had schizophrenia and argued that I was happier. But I never have the lows or highs when I’m on Abilify. At this point I’d rather be depressed than flat and unaffected on medication.

Maybe Lexapro just wasn’t the right anti-depressant for you. That’s a tough one, flat and unaffected or depressed? I think I’d rather be flat because my depression usually goes all the way until I’m SU/SI.

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I’m sure depression is real, but the solution may be something mundane, like getting more sunlight, exercising more or eating healthier.

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If someone has significant bipolar symptoms - antidepressants can easily worsen the picture - causing rapid cycling and inducing manic - euphoric/ mixed dysphoric episodes.
One of my first psychiatrists (crooked to the bone) introduced 50 mg of imipramine, an old fashioned powerful tricyclic antidepressant - after I swallowed the pill I became instantly psychotic - worsening mixed episodes - I put my fist through the wall in my bedroom - I rushed out of the house hysterical - sped away from the house - time seemed to have stood still - I had no concept of time - it was like tripping on acid all over again!
I have depression that gets severe sometimes - I cannot take an antidepressant. So far a low dose of Lamictal is doing the trick for me, it is not a true antidepressant.
The tragedy of it all was that this immoral doctor kept me on a lower dose of this antidepressant for over 20 years!
I was too messed up to do anything about it - Yes in the past I did not have good experiences with psychiatry - I am lucky to have found a really good pdoc who is willing to work with me


There was a Bloke by the name of Siddhartha Gautama who is popularly known as the Buddha. Read about his teachings - He said Life is Suffering and sadness.

If we go by standards of today’s psychiatrists they would have put Siddhartha into a cocktail of Antidepressants and Antipsychotics and god knows how many mood stabilizers.

All drugs are just a cover-up. Facing upto reality of life is what matters.

I have depression and my antidepressant nortryptaline helps with my constant thoughts of death and dying, and helps me enjoy activities. I have been on it for twenty years now and I noticed In the past 5 years I dont think of death and dying at all when it used to constantly be on my mind.

Depression is a curse.

no, it’s a conspiracy !?!
take care

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I remember when I was deeply depressed during adolescence there was a time where I just broke and couldn’t feel anything at all. I was completely empty inside, which sounds super edgy, but that’s how it was. I’m not sure which was better either…

I’m really sorry you’re going through that. I hope some day you’ll find the right medication that won’t do that to you.