Is depakote even supposed to help with depression

Everything I read about says it’s mostly used to treat mania…but mania isn’t a big problem for me…the depression is and it is very dangerous. I want to be sure that I am on a medication that helps with my depression. Also aren’t antidepressants supposed to trigger mania in people with bipolar? I didn’t have that experience on Zoloft. It just mellowed me out and took away my depression and anxiety/anger issues/intrusive thoughts. Geodon is actually what sent me into a more manic state, why I don’t know.

The depression is what makes me a danger to myself so I just want to be really sure it will help with that.

If I remember correctly from when I took depakote it is a mood stabilizer…

Like I said before @Anna.
Depakote is primarily used for Manic or Mixed Episodes … BUT… it also can help with Depressive episodes to a certain degree.
Just maybe not enough.
If you are prone to having deeper depressive episodes then maybe you should be taking a look at LAMICTAL or another antidepressant type medication.

I need to talk to my doctor then because my depressive episodes are very intense. The “mania” is such a small problem compared to it. Yes it’s often associated with my psychosis or can make me extremely irritable but it is such a small problem compared to the depression and I really emphasized that was what I needed help for.

He was hesitant to prescribe me lamictal because he said there’s not good evidence supporting its efficacy in treating schizoaffective whereas depakote had strong evidence supporting it.


I know Depakote is a godsend for many people, but everyone needs to be aware that the FDA has put a black-box warning (their strongest warning) on Depakote. I had to switch to Lamictal due to liver damage from taking Depakote.

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Every brain is different, but I had a bad experience with Depakote. It made me have visual hallucinations, and it made me suicidal. But I’ve seen a lot of my bipolar students do really well on it. Most of them tended towards very dangerous manic or mixed states, though. They would get really keyed up and then hurt themselves or others, and the Depakote mellowed them out. It is a very sedating med though, and I know that was your biggest problem with Geodon. I slept most of the day on Depakote. Whenever my students went through a dose change, they would fall asleep in the middle of activities.

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Even though they take it at night?

I’ve been concerned lately because I’ve been very sleepy during the day despite decreasing my dose of geodon. But when my brother was on depakote it didn’t make him sleepy or anything it just made him hungry and we’re supposed to react similarly to how our siblings do. Anyways I’m going off geodon today so if I still have the sedation I’ll know it’s depakote and figure something else out. If it’s not going to primarily treat my depression I don’t want to be on it, especially with its pancreas and liver problems risk.

I have never found that any antidepressants have made my mania or psychosis worse, in fact they make me feel calmer.
The only mood stabilizer I have been on was Lithium Orotate and that was ok.

Yeah like I said Zoloft didn’t make me feel manic or anything like that, it was a huge help to me. That’s why I’d prefer to just be on an ssri again and not have to worry about all these issues with depakote.

Anyways my mania isn’t dangerous…the worst thing I ever did was spend several hundred dollars…sometimes I also go on shopping sprees to buy a lot of books but never over 100 dollars…other than that it’s really just exciting. A lot of times it is paired with my psychosis, and I would say I get psychosis more with a manic mood than I do when depressed, I do not often have both strong psychotic and depressive symptoms at the same time, though there have been some occasions where that has happened.

I don’t think I get full blown mania, I think I just get hypomania because I heard full mania gets you hospitalized. It’s really the least of my worries.

Maybe try lamictal it has more anti depressant effects I read

Maybe they’re giving it to you as placebo