Is "demon posessed" just not owning up to it?

What is wrong with saying we are filled with hostility or jealousy or some other negative emotion? We can not learn to take charge of our minds if we continue to call it someone else.


I think I have the full range of human emotions. I need to choose my actions carefully.

Anger and envy are emotional acid - they eat away at the vessel containing them. Admitting you feel that way is healthy, and the first step toward thinking and acting more positively. Purposely holding onto these negative feelings really affects one’s health over time, and not in a good way.

My two cents as someone who is too skilled at holding grudges. :frowning:


I don’t know I think some people are just born angry and evil. The whole “the devil made me do it” seems like their way of not dealing with what’s bothering them. I do believe in possessions, but for the most part I think they’re more rare than what media would like to portray them as. People think blaming a demon is controlling them might be their way of not owning up to their actions, then people start believing their possessed and take things way out of proportion with all these so called exorcisms when the case for a "real exorcism’ comes a long it’s hard to really believe it’s needed.

That isn’t possession though, the usual hateful things like you are mentioning isn’t the same.

In possession they take your mind and do what they want with it and you’ll be doing some crazy ■■■■.

Like during psychosis someone was in my brain, in my perception. For instance at one point i thought and percieved that my brother was doing something like putting a part of me in a pipe and he was going to control me with it, this wasn’t me though.

When it happens there is nothing you can do, it’s like knowing your car is in the garage, if you know it is at the present time there is nothing you can do to change that info, it’s already in there.

They can paint an ugly ugly picture in your mind and there is nothing you can do but percieve it as it were true.

The brain is like a computer program, you can infest it, make it think things, make it know things, and make it do things.

Thats a possession.

There’s a time and place for expressing anger and some other negative emotions. Sometimes it’s appropriate to express anger, sometimes it’s not. Most people are like joanne and have the full range of "positive emotions’ and “negative” emotions. It’s all in the timing. Being legitimately mad is OK. Flipping out in a restaurant is not. Speaking up to the rude cashier can be alright. Cursing out your neighbor for playing loud music one night is detrimental. I struggle with this all the time.