Is dead pool a sz?

Dead pool is one of the cooler comic book heroes…he has multiple voices in his head but he also exhibits homicidal and self harmimg although it matters little due to his healing factor…I don’t know where to put him…anybody wanna weigh in on this?

Not my subtype of sz. I find it impossible to be spontaneous.

nope he is not…!!!

He has tumors which are constantly growing & reducing is size because of his healing factor. He is basically CancerMan. But yeah similar symptoms (brain tumors)

I forgot about the cancer on the brain ex machina giving the writers the ability to write in whatever mental symptoms they want…

Yup! Posts must be at least 15 characters…

I think he had it according to some story lines because he talks to a few random voices throughout the course of some of my old comic books.

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The movie down played or left it out…I watched someone explain how dead pool killed The whole marvel universe with pictures from the comic…he def has at least 2 voices in his head he talks to…

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If it turns out that he’s officially schizo then that’ll be one more reason why I love him! When I found out that he’s pansexual (I tell people Im bisexual cause it’s slightly easier for them to accept), it’s like he became my small baby that I must protect and love always :stuck_out_tongue:

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