Is Daze permanently banned?

I dont see her profile anymore what happened?

Suspended users don’t show up when you search users. She’s only banned until like 4 today.

Oh ok thanks last time it happened did see her profile so thought it was permanent

Never fear. I couldn’t imagine the forum without Daze. She’s an important part of the community.


Me too I like daze’s topics


Daze is probably my favorite person here on the forum. I don’t think I would stay if she was gone.


I’m just going to tag @Daze because I feel like it’s never nice when someone talks about you without tagging you. Feels too much like going behind their back.


Hooray :grin:!!! @Daze is back today!!!

Lets hope she doesnt get herself banned again

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She’s just opinionated and it gets her into trouble. @Daze got mad at me the other day. I kinda just blew it off. No biggie.

Dazzle is just a confident woman who speaks her mind. That bothers some people…they simply can’t handle an ‘uppity lady’, so she gets flagged a lot.

In all our years together posting, she’s never bothered me one bit. She’s a creative and a unique force and a great contributor to this forum.

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It’s not that people can’t handle an opinionated woman.
It’s that she conveys and defends them with agression and plays the victim

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Get a room already. :roll_eyes:

There’s an old Spanish proverb…loosely translated, it means…

He who tells the truth, better have a fast horse.

Some posters on this site simply can’t handle the truth and get all cranky and flag her posts. I’ve never flagged a single one of her posts in our many years together on this forum.

But she doesn’t tell the truth, she tells her opinions, and often in a rude way

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i worry about the last few posts if she is ok or not

I’d get a room with Daze…and you could be our Butler.


I worry about @Daze too. :confused:

I’ve never flagged her either, but I agree with @Pikasaur; @Daze states her views and opinions in a rude way.

Sort of like; if you dont agree or like my beliefs then f-ck you.

I get it, it’s like a rebellious Tupac-like attitude, but you have to be considerate of other people as well.