Is day dreaming a problem for you

I have this problem where i day dream alot. I just enjoy it fantasizing something and day dreaming about it. I don’t do it on purpose, its part of my messed up mind.

i have this issue as well, so dont worry you are not alone :smile:

Dolphins jumping around in a blue ocean.

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i have spent all my life day dreaming, in my other world i am quite successful !
take care

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Yes, I’m at my best when I daydream, especially when I channel things into a poem.

Does daydreaming bother you in some way? Or do you completely enjoy it.

In my case, since I was a child, I have daydreamed. Even, nowadays I usually daydream. Sometimes it is useful for solving some problem or conflict in my mind. I read in some book of psychology that to daydream is a characteristic from schizophrenics.

I enjoy day dreaming but it bothers me because i am unable to concentrate, lets say wile watching tv. And That is one reason that my concentration is poor, and it happens often.

I guess if you spend a lot of time in an ‘unstructured’ activity like daydreaming, it could train your mind to be unstructured. Maybe you could try doing more things that require physical concentration Or daydream less, as you said.

Playing a musical instrument involves. both creation and concentration. I like to play the guitar though I have one string that needs replacing since 2 or 3 years ago …

I am sometimes in my head far more then I’m in the “reality” outside my head. I had a horrible time with mind drift.
I used to just sit in my head for hours and hours. It used to take a lot to shake me out of a day dream.

I still do it, but not for as many hours as I used to. I daydream a lot when I’m either sitting in the bath or swimming.

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I always day dream…for as long as I remember too…often to the point it’s pretty realistic or to the point I think it could happen. Lately I have this day dream where someone hooks me up with bags full of millions of dollars and then I thoroughly come up with precise plans on how to spend the money and what amounts I should set other people up with.

Daydreaming is just weird because it can be emotionally draining. Sometimes I call it “scenarios” where I’ll go through potential situations and figure out how it’s going to go. Then when the real event happens, I end up frustrated because it goes a very different way. I can relate for sure. It often starts out as intentional scenario planning and sometimes ends up taking itself over after a point.

I daydream a lot that i go out of county and be operated on my brain to be cured with this illness.

A lot, most of the time I guess I daydream, but I try to keep it a little real so if I wanted it to be true then it can be. It’s true that it gets me off-concentration but I do some tricks that work , most of the time.

I used to daydream a lot. Nowadays I hallucinate so often it’s hard to have time for daydreaming between homework and sleep. It’s sad really, day dreams were so much more pleasant.