Is Britain seen as a poor country?

To people from other countries?

Your Pound sterling is way more than the Aussie dollar. I think that means your economically way better than us who pay more for everything as a small country in Asia where there’s huge markets.

I would say the amount of people who’d love to live in the British isles is pretty huge.


I dont know anything about UK.
Harry potter.


Well, you had your glory days when the “Sun never sets on the British Empire”. I don’t know how you’re doing economically now. I plead ignorance. I don’t follow world news.

You kind of get an idea how a countries doing in a general way from just when an interesting story might come up about them. I don’t see you guys as a poor country. I don’t know what problems you’re having or what good things are happening to you.

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England still has a better than most health system and good social security. We had it good over here for years but things are sliding over a number of years. NHS and social security still better than most overseas nations from what I’ve seen.

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It’s not poor. But it’s increasingly weaker. Diplomatically and economically

Brit Here.I like the uk. Its given me a house for life and a decent benefit income. Im not too keen on the larger cities tho. My seaside town is nice and quiet for me most of the time.

The NHS cops a bit of flak, with waiting times for operations - but hey its free, so people shouldnt complain. And of course my psych meds are covered and i get support for free from the local CMHT.

In my experience they’re seen pretty equal to the US in that regard.

No way, the pound currency is very strong.

We also get wealth from people just coming to the country to see the queens palace.

Something like that.

IMO inequality is a more pertinent issue.How do the lives of the poorest compare to the lives of the richest?


According to the IMF the UK is the 24th richest country.


Not at all. One of the more developed countries for sure, along with countries like France and Spain. The UK in particular has one of the most incredible and enviable public health plans of any country. Here in the USA we could learn a thing or two about protecting our own people from illness and disease, and protecting people over profits.


Britain is not a third world country by far.

That is interesting. Hadn’t realized that, although I am often surprised how many countries there are. For instance Saudi Arabia is right above the UK. I would have thought the standard of living was higher in the UK.


İf richness measured by commodity definitely poor country.i have seen that some british still using 50 years old iron.but i don t know.pound is pretty expensive though.

No, you’re seen as a prosperous country. More so than mine, Canada.

i don’t see the UK as a poor country tbh…

You’re seen as a wealthy country but you have declined since world war II compared to the British Empire of old that ruled the world. The US took over that role, but Britain is still an impressive country.

Not where I’m from in west coast US, when Americans pretend to be rich we usually use a British accent lol
“Bring around the Benz Alfred I want to make tea time on the private jet ahahaha” kinda thing.


I like the life I live in Britain.

Not everyone gets a fair deal, but I am modest in my means.

My only real indulgence is Apple products, but apart from that I don’t really spend money on anything else

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