Is being scared of being killed a delusion?

Some people say it is, some people say its OCD etc.

You’ve already asked this question many times. You don’t like our answers so you should stop asking the same question with the same results because you ignore the results

Did you fight with dangerous ppl?

i like your answer if it has proof

nope not that i know of

Then you know its a delusion.

“That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence”

I think that the cars that drive by my house that slow down for the potholes are actually slowing down to shoot me. Some have said that’s paranoia. I thought it was OCD because it’s an obsessive thought. Maybe it’s a delusion. Any way you look at it, it’s not a healthy, well adjusted brain that’s doing the thinking there.

Nope. Lot of people fear being killed. Totally normal

Why does my doc think it’s a delusion then

Your mom is not trying to kill you. That’s why it’s a delusion

But if many people fear that its normal right?

No. It’s not normal to constantly think you’re going to be killed. I’m considered delusional for having similar beliefs as you.

well many people apparently fear it and its ocd according to someone on Reddit

I personally think Thats paranoia


Someone on Reddit?! You’d rather trust an unknown person who could be trolling or simply completely ignorant over a trained psychiatrist who sees you and has gotten to know your thoughts and actions?! No way.

They said my psychiatrist is incompetent

How could they possibly know that?!

Because according to them I have ”phobias”

Whatever. They aren’t a dr so they can’t diagnose you.