Is becoming homeless the only way to get away from this?

I’m sick of being drugged constantly, is there anything I can do to be left alone?

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Being homeless is not fun. You’re at much higher risk in that situation than you are in a managed situation on meds. Also, you can get the meds managed better over time and quite possibly with lower doses. Don’t give up yet.


When I showed my pdoc that I was stable on my med’s he was much more willing to hear my feedback on how the med’s were affecting me.

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I dont understand. If this has to do with SSI then I will withdraw my application. I dont want to be certified. Is SSI like being certifiable? No one tells me anything.

As someone thats been street homeless for 6 months - i can tell you that with the increased stress of it all, your symptoms will only get worse.

I would put that idea out of your mind.


I got my meds right for me and I don’t feel that drugged up, medicine head feeling at all except for a few minutes right before I go to sleep. Which is okay because it helps me fall asleep, and thats something I have a hard time doing on my own. If you are feeling drugged up why not talk openly, and honestly with your pdoc about a medicin change until you find a med or med combo that works for you. Your pdoc can’t tell how you are feeling unless you tell him/her.

There have only been two periods when I felt really drugged up. First hospitalisation . I was on a heavy dose of a typical antipsychotic , and was given no side effect medication .Being a zombie with acute akathisia is a terrible thing.

The other was being on 10mgs of zyprexa.

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