Is background persistent paranoia a relapse indicator?

And more worried about people being annoyed with you?

I’ve been worried

Not so much a “relapse indicator” as a reminder that effective coping skills are a requirement if one has sz. Here are some means of developing them with respect to paranoid ideation:

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –
10 StEP –

Moreover, most of these are available online or in excellent workbooks one can buy very inexpensively.

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I don’t think worrying that people are annoyed with you is that bad. If you were worried that people were trying to kill you I’d be alarmed. As it is, your paranoia is not too pathological. It might diminish your ability to find pleasure from interacting with others, but I don’t think it will put you in the hospital.

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I was trained to ignore these but increasingly some of these people/groups of ‘guided discussion’ people will screw someone over.

If you are told contradicting information within 1-2 minutes you need to get out of there, especially if it is your mental care or case worker. These will mess you up…it is way to play with your head when you skipped your meds sometimes or clinic started hiring wrong people. I would find different care quietly and just cancel next appointment. Confrontational behavior with mental care, or someone even frustration expressed verbally, will get you locked up in mental hospital at own expense for attitude adjustment weekends. Just don’t!

Someone starts talking about Jesus if off manner!

Someone starts to brag about illegal stuff or threatening you…

Dang! Good example of problems…My local banks sometimes have problems balancing and just cover this up for anyone’s accounts. So, if you have a few times you just cannot balance or you have a couple small transactions you cannot figure out (which is thief testing your account), you need to just SWITCH banks.

Well, I went into new credit union recently after my old credit union screwed up big transaction. I was depositing a lot of money, for someone poor like me, but in neighborhood of $400k houses. I had the tellers saying,
‘that one is on the check’.
‘so she thinks something is wrong with her’
‘she can cancel that CD’
‘she is gonna want to cancel that CD when I’ done’…

There is no way any of these workers know me…

Okay, I am middle aged lady who used to do life/death jobs for customers and I’m just not used to something that sounds like throw-back from civil rights movement. NO ONE CARES IN POLITICS BY THE WAY. ACLU only handles vanity cases that look good or good $$$ makers and rights of schizo don’t count.

It is totally illegal to discriminate in banking.

What can you do?! I signed it all and walked out with the paperwork.

The problem, these crazy talking people and youngers don’t get hired for the professional jobs anyway except banking sometimes around here…

My way of handling this situation is a move soon…This place has trash canned some of the other single women by screwing women over at multiple employers. The people who hung on here have nothing to show for it, just screwed more. I’m very lucky to get SSDI extended unemployment basically…BTW If you move alone and you are female, you could be faced with towns that are ruining women to put with drug dealers/sex abuers or make prostitutes. Some of the cities are easier to deal with sadly…I REALLY suggest you know a local before you move or you move in pairs. Cops sometimes protect the local thugs…Lots goes on in most little towns too so expect to be greeted by a local scam and some thought broadcasters if you leave for at least few months, eventually when town’s thought broadcasters know you it helps as you will be told about jobs and local stuff verbally.

hi ,

I did spend about 15 minutes last night wondering if I’d been poisoned… five minutes later I was mentally contradicting that quite easily