Is attention impairment fixable?

These mindfulness exercises in this ACT workbook are killing me. I can’t focus for ■■■■. There is too much chaos inside to observe things directly or to notice the noticing like it says to do.

If anyone is familiar with the ACT bus analogy, all my passengers are screaming to take a left turn and just forget about working towards recovery.


To the boys on your bus
My girls ask
Would you play with us? :girl: :boy: :bus:


It’ll get easier… keep at it…

Neuroplasticity takes time… at least you are aware enough to pursue and encourage heightening your focus.

You just need to make enough progress to notice in contrast to looking back and you’ll find confidence in it.

The noise of the circus is hard to ignore at first… I’m not just talking about voices… but thought impulses and obsessions and all that other crap that human beings can carry around.

Good luck blue!

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Enough of a good medication will help. For your mindfulness, try counting your breath for at least five and no more than ten breaths. Do it over and over again. This helps quiet the annoying thoughts.


If you figure it out, let me know. I had to rage quit my mindfulness book after it told me to stop listening to music in the car and the road rage took over. I have since determined that my mind is not helped by workbooks. I have my own coping skills that work better. All CBT was torture for me, every time.

Same here unfortunately.

CBT is something I’m doing constantly… breaking thought chains and quieting down my brain… making my focus more rigid and less hung up on the presence of people and all that crap…

It’s pretty important in finding comfort with thought broadcasting… I didn’t really have a choice.

I think it’s the same as any other treatment. For some people it’s a miracle cure, for some it’s torture, and for most it helps somewhat.

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Yeah we’ve all got to find our own path…

I have high faith that the brain can be rewired… I can’t really prove it to anyone else… but if I can undo the damage done… that’s good enough for me. I’ll get my life back.

Meds ■■■■■■■ suck.

I know which basket I’m placing my eggs in.

Yeah and for me, meds work great with very few side effects.

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Your words were wise… I’m glad something is working for you…