Is attachment inevitable within capitalism

Is money something we are all attached too? If we give up money won’t we suffer more? Is giving up our attachment of money unreasonable? Does donating to charities qualify as a non attachment to money? Why do all religions and guru’s require money for their books or a donation to charity? Do you suffer less with more money? If we use our money to buy a car, house, clothes, furniture, take our family out to dinner, buy gifts for friends, take vacations won’t we be more unattached and have less suffering if we just accept losing all of our things when we lose our job? Is the ideal life living like a nomad with no goods coveted living off the land and being unattached in a capitalist society? What if everyone gave up their attachment of everything to suffer less? Wouldn’t we suffer more because there would be no doctors, cops, firemen, our service economy workers? Do people lie, cheat, and steal to get money? Are you willing to buy a book that costs money which you are not attached to, to get information on how you’re not attached to anything in life then the thought crosses your mind,”I need more money for another book on non attachment, but I’m not attached to money or the things I like to buy.”


It’s part of the membership fee for living in a civilized society.


Ain’t happening cuz we’ll never agree on anything, humans.

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Money has value because people are attached to it. They will only part with it for something they need or want that is a reasonable price. Capitalism not only attaches people to money but all things are attached to it by having value and things are attached to people by the money that is bonding between object and person. I payed close to 2000 dollars for my smartphone and in the two years ive had it i have rarely dropped it, it has been attached to me. However if I dropped it on accident and it broke then its bond to me would also be broken because its dollar value would be nothing.

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Having a comfortable amount of money, but still moderate. When the money would be really earned with work and not inherited or made with clever trading at the stock market. Thinking what is one dollar really worth. How much time and effort do someone invest to make one dollar ? Is the afford to make money fair to everyone?

Without money you gave to barter which is highly inefficient, plus if you don’t have what eachother wants it’s a useless system.

Money is just a tool, like a knife. By itself niether good nor bad. Money makes the system more efficient. A knife could be used by a person to kill someone or it could be used by a surgeon to save someone. What you use it for is what matters.

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I hate to engage in cliches, but life is not fair. A manager at a fast food place probably works as hard as a stock broker, but the stock broker makes so much more money. Socialism is supposed to be more equitable, but in a lot of places there are problems of corruption among powerful figures in socialism. I don’t think any system can create the kind of drive and creativity capitalism creates. What kind of operating system for our computers would we get with a socialist system? I don’t know. Better or worse?

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Money allows you to share the benefits of your labour with those who are not in a position to perform their own labour. Money is essentially a system for storing and exchanging labour. The problem is when shady crap skews the values (dodgy stock market stuff, bitcoin, and overpriced athletes to start with).

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