Is appearance very important?

Recently I have been thinking about how I look,I mean my appearance,like face,hair,body not cleanliness.i hope I don’t get obesseve about it because I have been through before.Spent 7 years obsessing about how I look,don’t wanna spend more time thinking about these

No doubt looks/appearance is one of human aspect,do you think it’s very important?

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I’m sure it is…

appearance is the first contact…

But you know… even people who are not physically perfect can still attract with a good persona and by portraying a vibe of openness… or confidence.

body language and how we carry ourselves are just as big a part of “appearance” as the bone structure and hair color we were given.


Probably depends on who you ask. Some people are almost obsessed with their own and/or other’s looks. Others not so much. Others not at all. Still others are just slobs and/or happy to hang out with other slobs.

The point here is that sz pts tend to think digitally: Everything is “right” or “wrong,” “good” or “evil,” “this” OR “that.” When in fact, things are how they are and it is us who put what we perceive on some polarized spectrum.


Sometimes the way meds or schizophrenia affect our appearance/ability to notice we’re disheveled or whatever are because of something that can cause us shame. When I became very heavy from meds I felt bad about myself. I’d been a very accomplished athlete up until my first hospitalization and had worked hard in training to be fit for competition. So for me, that extra weight - I more than doubled - was more than just being overweight. I felt people saw me as unhealthy and irresponsible for gaining so much. I thought it was so ironic that the weight began to affect my health because I was that way from taking meds that were supposed to be making me healthy. Sometimes I wouldn’t have time to brush my hair because I would be rushing for the bus, but I didn’t really notice how bad it was until I saw pictures. If the cause of why you are unhappy with your appearance has to do with schiz it may be an issue with that as much as the appearance.

Yea,I think I used to have Body dismorphic disorder,now it’s intensity is much lesser

Probably it’s my own brain making me think this way,which I don’t really like.I would like to balance appearance and character when I want to know someone,lesser on the appearance though.I understand how bad is it when people judge you by appearance only

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I am known by my docs, friends, professors and family members to see the world in black and white like you just said

The boys on my bus couldn’t stop if their little lives depended on it (to this day). That’s why the driver keeps 'em padlocked to their seats.

I’ve had body image issues since age 7. I was a tomboy and picked on by the girls because of it. I was in the full throes of puberty by age 9 so my body made me look about 14. Even now I haven’t lost all of the weight I gained but I am close to it. I still don’t think I will be comfortable until I do. Part of it is the weird distribution of weight. There is additional weight in my midsection which makes me self conscious. I think that even if a partner didn’t care it would be an issue. In fact I know that. There are ways I have been feeling very attractive but others that I’m working on. It’s nice to have someone who wants you and doesn’t care but it may not really do a whole lot for the way you feel about it.


if I was as smart as you way back when…

I can fully appreciate what you are saying.

Yes but only for the occasion imo

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First impressions go a long way.

yeah it 's important.
need to be sober…
we don’t need to be a fashion mogul… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

In my ideal world people would be judged by how their behavior affected others, rather than something they were born with, or had the $$ to change.
But, in this world, appearances do count, if you think they don’t, try intentionally make yourself very unattractive and visit a crowded place where you won’t be recognized, and see if you are treated any different.

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I am always most impressed by posture, or body language. Something that cannot quite be grasped in terms of a standard inner/outer or mind/body dichotomy - or only with great confusion as a result. Posture is of course directly perceivable, like the body, but it is a mental phenomenon in that it shows you the mood, character or attitude of the person. I can be very impressed by someone with a good posture, even though not meeting the standards of beauty from a detached clinical perspective. And I do not need them to convey their thoughts to me for me to be so.

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take care :alien:

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Appearance is not important at all. But how you present yourself is!! Good hygiene, well groomed etc


Unfortunately, yes. How we look influences how we are treated very strongly. I believe appearance affects your goodness as a person very little. It’s how you respond to it that deteremines that. If you’re very good looking and very vain, that is bad for you. If you’re unattractive and you become surly because of it, that’s bad for you. If you’re good looking and you’re generous that’s good. If you’re unattractive yet vivacious that’s good.

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Think maybe that “human aspect” might be conditioned by having watched 20,000 hours of TV and Internet by the time one is 20? (Nah. My values ain’t got nuthin’ to do with that. :rage: :rage: :unamused: )

Only because it’s the socialized, conditioned, brainwashed, cultural norm to think so.

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Do people considered good looking get better jobs? Are they more likely to get a romantic partner? Are looks related to intelligence and personality traits? Is there a difference between men and women when it comes to the importance of appearance both groomed and physical?