Is anything worse than sz?

with physical illness there is illness of the body… bad yes

but with madness it is one’s very mind

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There’s always someone worse. :disappointed:


who? 151515151515

if there exists ‘someone worse’’ does it make my own suffering nothing?

no matter how bad you have there is always somebody who has it worse. of the three surviving people in my dad’s family with sz and sza. my dad is mild, i’m probably mediocre and my aunt is worse off then both of us but she did just have a stoke and for years refused meds.

everhopeful you dismiss me , which is inhuman

of course someone has it worse, that is missing the point

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Of course not. Schizophrenia is certainly “up there” in the list of bad things to have. I have paranoid schizophrenia myself, just for the record. But I can still imagine how things could be worse.

like i just said, of course someone on the earth has it worse. so ■■■■■■■ what?

Well I was just answering your question “is anything worse than sz”. Schizophrenia is bad, but yes, there are worse things.


sorry I misunderstood the questions. I believe sz or sza don’t have to run or ruin your life. my life is plenty ruined because of sza. I dropped out of college and lost my job and I haven’t worked in seven years which looks terrible on a resume or job app.

In my opinion there is no disease worse than something that takes away your peace of mind. I would rather have lived with a healthy mind and got cancer or something else.

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I heard there is certain types of dual diagnosis that are worse. Personality disorder and schizophrenia together. Supposedly tough to treat cause the patient can’t tell you what’s wrong. Supposedly it’s not supposed to exist but with the advent of medications sometimes people get the wrong drugs. Guess this is why it seems healthcare professionals seem to be shooting in the dark.

I feel sorry for those who have sz but have only negative voices.

Someone worse off than you? If you have a computer, electricity, easy access to water, and a roof over your head than you have it better than half of the worlds population. It may be hard to see but it’s true. Try to imagine being schizophrenic in a refugee camp somewhere in the world living with disease, starvation, extreme poverty, rape, violence. Its all perspective.

Or even worse, you could be this poor girl.


No for sure.l555555555

Sometimes I think it can be worse to be a loved one. I’ve got my wife so upset that she would vomit. She has also cried way more than me about my sz.


Nothing worse has happened to me than sza other than bad friends

It’s pretty bad. Wish It had developed in me at 19-20 instead of 14 so I could have experienced more of the things that sza has robbed me of.

Supposedly I shouldn’t have hallucinations all the time with sza but I do.

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I think having sz or sza and not knowing it is worse.

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