Is anyone vegetarian?

I met a guy Yahoo. :slight_smile: But the problem is that he is vegetarian. What exactly is that? Can I fry him eggs in the morning? Do you know any good vegetarian recepies? So far I know pasta with tomato sauce. I like Middle Eastern food myself. Are there any good middle eastern vegetarian recepies?

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Good for you on meeting a guy. If he is true vegan then no on the eggs. Do some Google searches for dishes or talk to him. See what he likes. :tangerine::tangerine::tangerine:

Some people make a difference between vegan and vegetarian saying vegetarians will eat chicken and fish. And vegans will not even eat dairy. I have been a moderate vegan for 10 years. I eat bread and pasta which have some egg and milk in them, etc. Not extremely strict about it but enough so that I really get health benefits - stable weight, good blood pressure, etc.

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Kerli you can find a ton of them online. Google vegetarian recipes.

Vegetarian chili and stew are both very good

I’ve food some good ones online or through pinterest.

I was a vegan for eight months.

Now I am a wannabe vegan but my boyfriend said he will break up with me if I go vegan again.
I can’t deal with that drama right now.

Vegetarians do not eat meat nor seafood but they eat dairy.

Vegans do not eat meat,seafood,eggs,dairy .

Ethical vegans do not wear leather nor wool nor animal tested products etc

Vegetarian - no meat including fish

I’m vegetarian - no meat fish or chicken but I do eat a little dairy and eggs. Drink soya milk. I love pasta and pizza I make myself. Fond of Mediterranean food


Nope, I’m Canadian.


I was a vegan for 6 years and now I am a vegetarian


theres diff types of vegetarianism

Yes - there’s different types of vegetarians.

Lacto-ovo eats dairy and eggs (like me)
Lacto eat only dairy but no eggs
Ovo eat eggs but no dairy
And vegans eat no eggs or dairy
And pescatarians eat vegetarian diet but also fish


I find good vegetarian dishes and vegan dishes on Pinterest. I also have some good cookbooks. Most vegetarians do not eat chicken or fish or any meat at all. But some will eat eggs and/or dairy. Find out what kind of vegetarian he is and then you’ll know which recipes work

hi @chordy…im thinking of going vegan…have you any tips what to eat etc?

A favorite of mine is beans and rice. And buying TVP (textured vegetable protein) and making cool vegan burgers out of it is fun. Other than that, lots of your favorite fruits and vegetables. If it seems boring, there are all kinds of spices out there to add. Have fun!


hummus is a good middle eastern and vegetarian food. Also falafel is a good one


I’m a lacto ovo vegetarian. Has worked fine for 1,5 years now.

Been back to vegan for 4 days
Trying to go macrobiotic
But that will take planning and headspacece and money
Macrobiotic is vegan diet and no refined sweeteners / sugar
Its based on nuts pulses whole grain fruit veg and soy etc
I was struggling with it
BreAking it every day
But enough soya and grain (back to big plates and no snacking much) might do it maybe macrobiotic every 6 days for a day… then 54321
If i could not miss meat and dairy just by feeding my sugar addiction
Basically im ballooning on a vegan diet again

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I was promised by a health nut health store employee that I would lose weight on a vegetarian diet. He was WRONG. I gained weight. So did my gf. We went vegan together. The problem was, we were eating all processed food. That’s not the right way to go vegan. The right way is to eat all whole, natural foods.