Is anyone still in resolution mode?

I was looking back on a few of the older threads and I saw an older posting that where I said I was going to try and answer the phone more often.

I did get caller I.D. and my sis got a new answering machine… But I am still not good about physically picking up the phone when it rings. So I guess this is one resolution that I’m not holding up on.

The other about swimming more… I’m still swimming. So far I’m 1 for 1.

So the second month into the year… How are your resolutions doing? :surfer:


One of my resolutions was to be healthier. So far, I’m eating healthier, smoking less, reduced my psych med, sleeping better, and getting more exercise. I’m still very motivated!




I am really inspired by how much you are doing in this short amount of time. You good news always makes me smile.

How did your online nursing class go? Are you still taking it or is it finished?

The class was awesome! I finished it last week. I actually learned a lot about substance abuse and comorbid psych diagnoses.

I satisfied my licensure requirements, but I think I’m going to keep studying for the fun of it. It’s a fascinating subject, and I think I’d like to become licensed in chemical dependency counseling!




Very cool. :thumbsup:
It sounded really interesting.

By the way, I have two brothers and a load of cousins you could start to try and straighten out if you are ever lacking in people to help.

That license will be in high demand. You’ll be able to help a lot of people in that boat. Also helping the families try and untangle the confusion would be really satisfying I bet.

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I didn’t make any resolutions this year. I did decide to take this month to work on taking care of my diabetes. Unfortunately I encountered the Valentine’s Day candy section of the store yesterday. I ate so much candy that I’m kind of surprised I’m still here.

I do plan on resuming. This was a temporary failing.

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I’m glad your OK. I do understand…

That V-day candy can wear a strong will down. My sis is always excited for the day after
:heart: -day and the day after Halloween when all the candy is on sale. boxes and boxes of candy for a $1.50- $2.00.

Then I’m a goner. :candy: :lollipop: :chocolate_bar:

I dont exactly have a resolution, I just want to keep my GPA high and I want to squat 400 by the end of the year. I guess the big squat is my resolution. I am at 330 now, and last year my deadlift went up 100lbs so I know I can do the same with squats!

I didn’t really make any resolutions. My general resolution is to do well in school.

At the end of last year I got a relapse, I’m a little better now, just got used to the thing that’s all. But hey I think there is a good reason for everything and I’m taking care of that thought.

I haven’t got to the resolution mode yet… I find that I will do almost anything to distract me from resolving to quit smoking.

I don’t have enough presence of mind to make + keep a resolution.

I didn’t make many since i know I don’t follow them well. So i just try my best to eat right and now i’ve started to work to work more often.