Is anyone on just 40 mg of Latuda?

My doctor lowered my Latuda to 40 mg despite my protests that he keep me on 80 mg. I guess I’m getting better enough in his opinion to take less medicine. I’m not really complaining because I’d like to be off medicine.

i am on 40mg of Latuda. But i think my doc needs to up it to 60 or so

Does latuda cause weight gain?

it didnt for me i actually lost a few pounds

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But still raises prolactin levels right?

i dont know about that

Hi Minnii, I’m currently on 80mg of Latuda, lowering to 40mg. One side effect can be to raise prolactin so after six months or so of taking it I got a blood test in order to check my prolactin is and thankfully they were normal. This was partly important in my case because ten years of sulpiride induced a prolactinoma which I had to have removed in hospital… now I am only given antipsychotic drugs which are prolactin neutral…

Thanks for the info, sorry you had to go through that. My pdoc seems to be worried about my prolactin levels. Latuda seems like a good med, that’s why I was asking. If it has prolactin issues than I can’t be on it.

Ok. By the way, I can no longer feel satiety on Latuda… could eat till the cows came home!

Really? I thought it was weight neutral.

Not always. I have to remind myself to stop eating and calorie count…

Alright. I’m checking my options, see what my pdoc will tell me too.

Are you on latuda only?

no i am on risperidal 6mg too

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It slightly raises prolactin levels versus placebo. No where near where risperdal does

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I was on 160mg of Latuda once…