Is anyone on a coctail of medication that works longer than 5 years?

Just curious is it possible that anyone can function well on a cocktail of same medication that works for longer than 5 years,without changing,be it a diagnosis of depression or psychosis??

I’ve only been on my current meds for almost three years now. I have no idea what will happen in two more years.

i have been in the past; had one work for almost seven years. i’ve had others work for a year+. it’s hard to say whether they would’ve worked for five years because i have a history of discontinuing. maybe they all would’ve. my current one i’ve been on less than a year though i’m hopeful it’ll at least do what it does now for five or more years.

I wish you luck,i hope that your cocktail which seems to work well for you last for forever

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I’ve been on my current cocktail for 24 years. It’s working well. I’ve been on a typical antipsychotic for 42 years, and felt well since I added Buspar and Wellbutrin 24 years ago.

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but is it working we??do you rate it well??

To those who’ve been on the same cocktail for a while have you not even changed the dose? I recently upped my abilify. Added trileptol a couple months ago. Have messed around with Klonopin. I think I’m at a good mix now but who knows what it’ll be a year from now.

I have been forced to up my meds every year. Started on 5 mg Abilify two years ago. On 25 mg now.

if it is doing good,i would up my meds if its horrible I wouldnt

I have seasonal fluctuations in the doses I need. Typically in August I need the most antipsychotic and the least antidepressant,. Typically in December I need the least antipsychotic and the most antidepressant.

I suppose ragweed pollen in August causes inflammation in my brain. Additionally, I suppose lack of sunlight in December causes depression. But I do know the med adjustments help.

I have been taking Trilafon for about 45 years. The addition of Provigil and several PRNs helps me. Wellbutrin use has been greater than 10 years, I guess.


My sleeping medications are rotated bi monthly, or else by body adapts and they don’t work. My other meds have gradually increased nearing or at their max dosage. I’m not looking forward to a new mix, but it seems inevitable.