Is anyone into dream psychology?

If you are do you have any recommended reading? I think I’ve been getting a lot of psychological messages in my dreams lately

PS: Not interested in lucid dreaming

Going up stairways supposedly interprets progressing in your life…

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only in dreams.

Supposedly, there are dream interpretation encyclopedias out there that can correlate any dreams meaning.

Funny I haven’t found one yet.

Yeah dude read Man and his Symbols

I love that stuff


There are certain images that appear in my dreams when I am experiencing different things. When I am very emotional I have tornados. When I have problems I’m having difficulty solving I have snakes in my dreams. One dream I have is that I have some kind of gun that I need to protect myself, and I can’t get the right kind of ammunition for it. I can get okay ammunition, at least some of it, but not the best kind. One dream I’ve been having lately is that I’m in some class at college and I am hopelessly unprepared for it. I try to make it up, but my efforts are mostly futile.
A good book to read on dreams would be Freud’s “On Dreams”. Even if you don’t agree with it the book has been very influential.

I started reading that when I was in the hospital earlier this year. One day I’ll finish it.

Maybe post your dream here?

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