Is anyone interested in stock trading?

Your best bet is a quantum computer lol. Just gotta hope bitcoin isnt quantum resistant by then lol.

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Don’t get into intra day trading. I used to do it. It is extremely difficult because you are literally glued to your screen. You have to simulanteously look at many stock charts and watch all their movements. You can’t even reliably go to the washroom. It is also extremely difficult to make money through intra day trading. Investing in the long run is the surest and safest way to make money. For example, when the stock market tanked briefly couple weeks ago, you could have bought a few when it went down and profit from the appreciation in price now. Trying to use technical analysis, that is stock charts and patterns and moving averages is not what I do. I personally think there is zero value in technical analysis. Everything I do is based on fundamentals. That is if you have a good long term view of the company, then you wait till it dips in price before buying in.

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btw insider trading is certainly possible. It happens sometimes actually by finance professionals. They are really greedy and sketchy and sometimes they do get caught and get fined, etc. Insider trading by company insiders, that is executives, happens all the time too, but those are legitimate insider trading.

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Maybe i should do a stocktrading game on the real life market.

In my opinion the market at the moment is even harder than a few years ago.

Mostly because interest rates are close to 0 and people prefer to have overvalued stocks than interest rates that they need to pay to have them.
Besides, the rise in popularity of apps like robinhood makes more people wanting to be rich quickly, so the trading volume is even bigger than before which also helps stock prices going even upper.
Also we are in a new trading era where companies don’t need to be profitable to have a high stock price.

With that said, interest rates and new reduced cost apps makes investing even harder with prices of companies that don’t reflect their value which makes it harder for people who want to invest in value trading(which basically is holding good stock and held them for long time, hoping that their value goes steadily up trough the years)

Adding all these conditions together makes very difficult for people with zero experience to make some money in the long run.

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Or you could consider a specialized ETF like ROBO that holds a basket of robotics companies.

Not really. I stand to inherit some stocks when my brother passes, but I think I’m just gonna sell them.

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