Is anyone in the mental health field?

I hope to be if I get this position as a psychiatric-mental health nurse.

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My very first job was working for a psychiatrist.

I was like 14 and filed charts after school,

Kept that job until college,

A personal record.

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A few years ago I started going to a community college as a pre-nursing student, with the intent of becoming a psych nurse. I did fine my first semester, had a 4.0, but thanks to depressive/negative symptoms, I essentially flunked out of pre-nursing a couple semesters later. It would have been a mistake; I’m not cut out for nursing.

I am a psychologist.

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Wow that’s really cool.

I’d prefer to be a psychiatrist… :slight_smile:

I was thinking about becoming a psych nurse practitioner

that would be great!

I know I think there great.

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Do you have a PhD

no just a bachelor. I was too lazy…

I’m in a master’s in nursing program right now I’m hoping to get my doctorate in a few years.

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if you are mentally & psychologically well, you will make it…

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Still it’s pretty cool that your a psychologist I have alot of respect for them. My mom was one before she was placed on disability for brain cancer.

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Yeah I’m pretty well pretty stable right now.

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