Is anyone here in recovery?

I have almost six months clean and sober. May 1st 2020 is my clean date. What are some resources and coping skills you use? I have been feeling really good since being clean–but these past three days were hard for some reason. I still have dreams about it–and I think medication will help with that also getting in a new routine. Next year I plan to enroll in in a few classes. Right now it’s just a matter of waiting for things to get in line and remaining stable.


Over 28 years clean and sober from booze, weed, cigs, and various and sundry other illicit substances. My sobriety date is Feb 15, 1992. I’m a longtime AA member, still attend a couple meetings a week via Zoom because pandemic.

I’m also SZ and med-compliant. Lead a mostly normal life with wife, kid, and work. Let me know if I can help.


Congratulations on the clean and sober times :slight_smile:


I’ve been sober for 5 months, since 05/22/2020. Things have gotten better since I switched to Abilify, and my anxiety and mood swings went away. These were triggering me to drink. I also go to AA.


Been clean and sober since January of 1990, thanks to AA, CA, and NA. A big help in my early recovery was staying away from people, places and things that had anything to do with alcohol or drugs. That meant I do not hang around people who drink or use, I do not go anywhere where drugs are being used or where drinking is going on. There are exceptions such as I will go in restaurants that have a bar in them but I won’t get anything from the bar. I’ll go to a wedding where alcohol is served and a few other exceptions. But I don’t go in bars or clubs anymore.

I smoked crack for four years and did my share of drinking but once I finally got serious about stopping because it was wrecking my life and affecting my family, I started talking AA, CA and NA serious. And once I got serious, the craving, obsession and cumpulsion to use was lifted from me early on and I never feel like drinking and doing drugs anymore and I don’t miss them at all.


I’m sober for 6 years now. Congratulations on your sobriety. Keep going! You’re doing something right obviously so keep doing it.


Congratulations that’s great. Big accomplishment.
I just quit to support someone else quiting. Never drank much anyhow. Just to take edge off being ‘social’ when my hubby is social. Sometimes made me manic


I’ve been sober since January. It’s easy for me to stay sober because I’m stable on my meds and I feel good so I don’t feel like I need to drink.

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