Is anyone growing a garden this year

Is anyone here growing a garden this year? If so, what ru going to grow??


I’m thinking about putting in a few raspberry bushes. And I will definitely be growing some marijuana for pain

I would love to have a nice vegetable garden, but unfortunately my back can’t take the work

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I have rhubarb, strawberries and mint that come in. Oh and I have a black currant bush

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Sweet. Yeah, I forgot I have a nice rhubarb patch too

I know what you mean. My back really hurts too and yard work is the worst thing for it.

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Turning loose soil planting seeds in a row you will ho water water every day at the end of the season your reward will be the fact that you survived Garden e

no actually i got rid of my garden this year, and planted grass seed where it was. i didn’t want the extra work. usually i grow my own salad greens, herbs, and peppers. so im buying those from the grocery now instead.

Wildflowers from seed, I have never done it before I hope it is easy.:blossom: