Is anyone fully employed or on disability grant?

Just curious to find out. Does the sz stop you from working? Have you qualified for disability grant?

What is a disability grant? I am on disability. SSDI and VA. Not currently working.

My family doctor recommended going on disability. I haven’t worked in four years. But my psychiatrist thinks he can get me working again.

I’m on disability. My doctor thinks I’m medically unfit to work.

I work part time. Disability is not an option

Next year I’m getting a full time job

In my country they call it disability grant

I am on SSDI and VA disability. Not sure what a disability grant is. :grapes::grapes::grapes:

I’m on SSDI disability.
I am medically unfit to work.

Something like getting financal salary assistance from the government every month because of disability

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I don’t work and my SSDI is on appeal.

I am on disability. Can’t work. I get stressed out easily and I can’t keep a job for more than 3 months. I was job hoping a lot so now I just give up and don’t even look for work.

I am on disability. I tried to work part time after diagnosis but i couldn’t do it

I work four days a week. For me to disability is not an option. I did originally get offered everything, but I was homeless and needed to earn enough money to get my own place. Now no matter how sick I get, I am no longer eligible.

I am schizophrenic, but I am neither employed nor on disability.
For the majority of the duration of my schizophrenia( including now), I was and am unmedicated.
The pressure was immense, but I managed to hang on.
One time intrusive thoughts pressured me into taking medication, that I quit after several months.
Another time, intrusive thoughts pressured me into “wanting” to go to a psychiatric hospital,

and I managed by the skin of my teeth to avoid hospitalization.

@Joker wow sorry to hear that weird they won’t offer you disability if you get really sick again. That is terrible. I am very dependent on my disability. Without it I would be starving and homeless. I just don’t have the strength and drive to work anymore. I have tried so many times and failed. What do you do for work?

I am on SSDI. I haven’t been able to work for years now.

Who takes care of you @Chess24?

If I fall over properly, lose my home again and burn through my money, then maybe I might get help. If that happens I doubt I could ever work again having come this far to fail. It really does put a lot of pressure on having to go to work as I break even on bills etc. so cannot miss a day.

I work as an analyst. I basically take raw data and turn it into visuals and build data processing models and do a bit of coding. I started off as a temp packing envelopes, and five years on that’s what I am doing.


I’m not working and I’m receiving SSDI

I am Ok @ZmaGal.
I am taken care of by my parents.

I also go to a “treater” for my schizophrenia.

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