Is anyone else here a vegetarian.....advice please

have you any tips for a novice vegetarian…

nope never tried never will sorry

My husband to be is vegetarian. First off are you wanting to cut out all meat or just beef, are you cutting gelatin? Are you doing it for health reasons? Do you have a large or small food budget in mind?

No meat, no fish noe eggs but I can eat dairy.

Ah you’re going part vegan. Now I can only help to a point cause he eats eggs but I will do my best. First off Labels are your new best friend. Rice is a life saver for a tight budget and it’s a good filler. I would go with brown rice since it’s easier for the body. You’re going to have to be creative some times. Find a good egg replacement cause you’re going to find a lot of things need eggs. Veggie meat is nice but don’t think of it as real meat, think of it as something new all together. I myself make a lot of things I just think of off the top of my head.

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Yes, I’m a vegetarian. Make sure you get good sources of vegetarian protein in, like beans or lentils - and if you eat eggs and dairy, that as well.


Rice is a great staple… and it’s very versatile. Lot’s of great veggie soups and rice noodle soups should keep you cozy through the winter…

A cold morning with a big bowl of oatmeal… (not the packet stuff) and some dried blueberries… makes a great breakfast.

The best thing about fall… it’s squash season… Spaghetti Squash is ripening up this season… it’s cooks like normal squash… comes out like spaghetti… and is subtle in flavor enough that any sauce you put on it will go well… Add mushrooms or broccoli… and a shake of parmesan cheese… that is a great meal…

It’s also a great season for Risotto

There are lots of things you can do for a good vegetarian diet… I find… if you go for just good basic dishes… you’ll have good luck.

Don’t start off with the complicated “organic… quinoa/ soy paste” stuff that just makes it all complicated.

Here in my city… there are a lot of “vegetarian” food stores that just charge an arm and a leg for stuff because it’s “vegetarian” they also make if far more complicated then it ever needs to be.
Some good basic recipes can get you far.

Italian and Mexican food has adapts well to meat free.

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I was vegetarian for five years. I don’t think I can do it again though.
Get used to eating Tofu if you know good sauces to marinate it. I liked it actually. I’m sure you have some health food stores near you, you can buy frozen veggie burgers, and bean burgers and meat alternatives. These taste just like meat.

Buy a nutribullet or any grinder and make fruit/vegetable juices at least once a day, I still do that. Like kale, broccoli, beetroot etc, you’re gonna see your skin improve.

Check some recipes from other cultures. Indians have a lot of vegetarian recipes, middle eastern recipes are also vegetarian, most are anyway.

when I was vegan, I had B12 and iron deficiency. I was also really psychotic at that time but you may need to do a blood test in 3-4 months after becoming vegetarian and always monitor it.

so a grass grazing root chewer?..
I’ve done it …its really not worth it.

If you are REALLY into it man don’t eat anything that casts a shadow.

Vegetarians pass gas way too much…you might have to go see a Fartologist if you choose this path.

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I’ve been on & off vegetarian for the past year. Everytime I go back to trying meat, it just isn’t the same. It’s horrid digesting it and releasing it from the body.

My diet is mostly just pasta & salads. I enjoy yogurt & milk, however. I can’t go vegan as dairy is just too healthy to pass up.

Yeah exactly, when you graze for a month or 2 (i pulled 6) when you eat meat again the grease from Any meat just wrecks your system LOL I quit doing A ALL GRAZING DIET.

eat vegetables…lol :wink:
take care :alien:

crowd out meats with plant foods. I like baked acorn squash with “butter” (vegan butter) and carrots sauteed in “butter” with a tablespoon of brown sugar, sweet, yummy goodness. I also like raw salads with sunflower seeds and a handful of walnuts every other day or so. Don’t think of it as cutting out meat, think of it as adding to your diet. The library has dozens of vegan/vegetarian cookbooks you can check out for free and online there are resources as well as vegetarian magazines you can subscribe to. Your whole palate will change and if you eat enough non-meat foods, you won’t even miss it. Good luck.

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