Is anybody taking olanzapine?

Does it cause you to have paranoia and want to stay inside the house. Can’t seem to calm down and. Lots of anxiety. Making my thoughts act differently…

It works well for me. I still get breakthroughs but I’m pretty stable and have been for years.

It can take a while…like up to 6 weeks or so until it starts working so if it’s early days then hang in there. As with all these meds make sure you talk to your doctor. It’s very important they know what is going on for you.

Olanzapine has been the best med for me but we are all different!


Thank you💖…

I take 10mg olanzapine daily. The first month I was on it I had horrible memory problems that made me think I was developing early onset Alzheimer’s. After a month the memory problem vanished so right now it’s helping with voices without any current side effects.

Other than the fact that sometimes I get mild akathisia, I have a med for that though. It doesn’t make me paranoid that I know of.

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I take Olanzapine. some anxiety when I’m out of the house. nuisance paranoia (not you :slight_smile:). more than anything it makes me eat more than I need to. and sleep lots.

I take 60mg olanzapine

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I woke up this morning and felt totally normal for about 30 seconds. Then it was gone again.:frowning:

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That’s strange to me too because it’s not making me sleepy. I’m have to take 2 Klonopin to put me to sleep. Makes me very anxious and paranoid but hopefully it will go away.

I kept making plans to walk everywhere I needed to go and I’m scared to go out of the house. Maybe it’s m a king me a little manic???

Why it was gone? What happened?

i was on olanzapine and aripiprazole when i was hospitalized.

Staying inside the house, and being paranoid is because of the illness and not cuz of olanzapine. Give olanzapine some time to work or increase the dose. Consult your pdoc before making any changes.

I don’t know. I was in my kitchen. I hadn’t taken my morning medicine yet, and I had just smoked a cigarette. As Soo as I went to go walk to put it out and throw it away I felt totally normal. Like I would have felt before I got sick, but the time I reached the bottom of my stairs the excitement was gone because everything was back. Do you think the olanzapine has breakthroughs like that?


Yes was on it for about 7years worked for my mental health but not physical caused weight gain,slurred speech,tremors and heart condition.Taken off it on cardiologists advice now on a drug called Lurasidone which works just aswell if not better and without all the physical side effects of Olanzapine.Ask if you could be tried on this med instead hope this helps.

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Thank you Nellie

Yes probably. I take 3 antipsychotics and still have breakthrough symptoms

Okay I will. Our main think to try this and see if it works and if it doesn’t in order to try abilify or invega.

I always have symptoms, but breakthroughs of clarity perhaps?

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Yes, maybe. I have clarity lately.

It would be so nice to have. That all the time. Thank you @OmSadasiva

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I take 5mg olanzapine with very few side effects, no weight gain or excess hunger.