Is anybody in very good shape physically on this site

I did stretches tonight and put on liniment.

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Thanks! It wasn’t easy. I am eating more calories now, so that’s nice. I’m not as hungry anymore. I literally had to ignore my hunger for a year and just ate 4 small meals a day

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If you want a hardcore workout try this video. My gym teacher made us do some of it in primary school, so I bought it. It is hardcore. I did that and lifted weights back then, I was in very good shape in primary and high school, then in my mid 20’s meds turned me into an unhealthy fat slob for a long time.

I understand how you feel. Like you I didn’t know anything about psychosis or APs. And at that time, february 2020 I felt so bad due to delusions and anxiety, that I would have accepted everything. I feel angry because they (pdoc and therapist) never informed me about neither the side effects nor the withdrawals. I can’t believe that they are putting People on meds without knowing how to get them off it again.

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I totally understand. They never informed me about anything either. It took me 4 years!!! to taper myself offf 40mg of olanzapine and I had all kinds of weird withdrawal symptoms. And I still have insomnia after 4 months of quitting. From what I have read there isn’t even much concern, never mind research, on how to come off these meds.

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■■■■■■■ 4 years. That should be unacceptable. I’m so sorry to hear about your insomnia.
Right now I’m about to give up never coming off olanzapine. It went well for 3 days, but the last day I experienced the insomnia. I’m still on 2,5 mg though.

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i was in rather great shape but when i met my boyfriend i stopped exercising and started eating more junk food.

he doesnt exercise and he eats a lot of junk.

i was a good influence on him but he was a bad influence on me.

i feel a bit uncomfortable around some of the people at the gym so hope im able to go again.

i have not exercised in months.

i was exercising 7 times a week just a year or 2 ago.
i was really fit.

but was chubby because i ate a lot.

for me to be normal weight i have to eat tiny tiny amounts .much much less than a normal person eats.

even last lock down i was doing pump 2 times a week at home plus on my bike once a week.
that was good of me.
what self dicsipline i had back then.
where did it all go?
no i can nolonger get myself to exercise.

i want to be in good shape.

i was looking for a boyfriend who takes care of himself.
my boyfriend is obese and refuses exercise of any form but he is a beautiful kind loving man so i love him just as he is.

I use work out for about 8 years. I was gaining 10lbs a year in mussel. I went from 130lbs to 200lbs and I was solid as a rock.

I’ve gain 15 lbs of fat since I quit working out. I sit around a lot and eat a lot of junk. I thought about working out again but I have bad circulation from smoking. I sleep on my stomach and when I work out I cut the circulation off in my arms laying on them. I wake up and my arms are numb.

Well, I guess most people on this site are not in really good shape.

I used to be in excellent shape, doing martial arts 3 or 4 days a week. I was also riding my bike about 30 kilometres a day, or walking 10 km, almost every day.

But now I’m f*****. I’m at 220 lbs, I was 167 lb when I was doing martial arts, and I feel like crap half the time. I do still exercise everyday, and go for a walk, but it is only maintenance not enough for improvement