Is anybody having a good day today?

I’m trying to cheer myself up.

Nope. Having a rough day.


Pretty good. No particular complaints. I’m in a good mood, but alas, somewhat apathetic. I need to be more active and constructive.


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I’m meant to be writing for my blog, but I’m lazing about surfing.

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my day has been ok =)
i watched “black hawk down” and then an episode of the simpsons and now i’m listening music and browsing the forum


I’m having a good day.


I Honestly Don’t Understand Why Thus Thread Asks About My Day And I Actually Feel Like Answering.

Not A Big Deal Really.

I Usually Don’t Trust Human Behavior.

But!, I Am Human…, I Think.

Unless The Entire Population Are Aliens In Cloaks Hiding Their True Form.

And I’m The Alien.

Abducted One Night Many Years Ago As I Was Sleeping Peacefully On Earth.

And The Only Humans I Talk To Are On Here.

Schizophrenics Are All On The Same Alien Planet.

But!, We Rarely See Each Other.

Jus Test Specimens For Odd Aliens.

What Was The Question (???).

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. The Language That Aliens Speak Can Be Found On YouTube. ‘The Orbital Compass’. . . . . . .

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