Is anybody else volunteering or working today?

If you are, have a good day today! :smiley:

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If you are working or volunteering you can say, what kind of job you are working at. Also you can say what you are doing with volunteering.

I usually try to volunteer every Wednesday but I’m getting married tomorrow and after that we’re going on our honeymoon until Saturday!

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I work today. Some of you know I work in a dispensary. We’re having a staff meeting at 9, so I’m working 9-5 today instead of the usual 10-6.

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Working, yes. Volunteering on hold because of The Rona.

Yep - Did my volunteering this morning. Making the morning teas at a day centre for the elderly. Participated in armchair balloon exercises with them, and was going round getting to know them all.

Grabbed a free lunch too. Lovely bunch of people.

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