Is anybody depressed because the new world is coming

I try to be optimistic and positive …

Major trigger =(

Umm I’m depressed because it’s always the same old world, I wouldn’t mind a fresh new one

You know I am nobody, but I am still excited about this new world …

Well, according to my delusion there is a “New World” ,that I helped create, but I am not allowed to see it. They made me forget the New World and how I participated. A world where people routinely ‘train’ themselves to be the best people they can be. They go to ‘Brand New Church’ where they learn practical life lessons and listen to modern music. The world gets along a lot better and the economy is a lot better. Even the media is nicer to celebrities. Everything is better. But, alas, I have to stay in this ‘fake’ contrived, ‘old’ world where there is Jealousy, Competition, Resentment, Frustration, Abuse and Bullying.

Maybe one day they will let me see and participate in the New World.

What new world is coming…???
Scientists found earth 2???

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only hope is to cut everyone off earth. who’s with me?

just kidding.

I’m looking forward to the show.


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Are you all Christians referring to the second earth? Lol… man… I’ve read revelations way too many times… I’ve read it enough times to know no matter how scary it is… it’s never going to happen lol

I think these are oblique references to “that thing” happening in the Excited States of America today.


Oh… the coming of trump eh? And this great new America that is going to be extreme capitalism, or capitalism at its best, when a business man is running it.

I don’t know , Benjamin Franklin was a business man and he had a ton of money for those days in history and he was a ladies man he got with lots of women and he didn’t run the country into the ground

Why do you feel new world is coming now?

Echelon has been around since the 80s

The FBI is about 60 years too late

I am home sick with Man Flu and working on a Star Trek: ENT marathon. Priorities.


Probiotics vitamins and tea

Don’t do that synthetic crap

Gravol and Immodium D right now. And tea when I can keep it down. The non-stop coughing ain’t helping.



Lol good point !