Is Amisulpride good combo with Invega?

I’m considering to start low dose of Amisulpride along with Invega 234mg. My main concern is just prolacting level which is currently about 24.
I’m having some thought broadcasting and people occasionally talk about me.

Amisulpride is good for positive symptoms but it elevates prolactin even at low doses.

I don’t really know what my options are yet with Invega since so many meds have interaction with it according to I can’t really afford time lost switching to clozaril since I fear the symptoms I get from coming off invega and to clozaril.
My pdoc appt is next month
Do you have med suggestion along with invega @clinic ?

Amisulpride is second only too Clozapine. You might not need both.

I am on 800mg for a year and my prolactin has been fine so far.

Not all side effects affect everybody

Of course it’s not even available in the states as I just checked