Is alcohol a accpeted drug?

Alcohol is a depressant. :bird::bird::bird:

Because certain things haven’t changed since the Egyptians were directing slaves how to build the pyramids. Mankind likes getting high or altering reality with drugs or alcohol or using or drinking as an escape. It’s always been that way and it will never change.

You ain’t going to make the homeless person give up his wine and you ain’t going to stop people from snorting coke. And once you’re an alcoholic or an addict you will go through hell first before seeking recovery.

The government got in the act in the 1980’s with Nancy Reagan proclaiming, “Just say no”, to drinkers and druggies. Didn’t work. Nixon proclaimed, “A war on drugs”. It has cost the taxpayers millions of dollars and didn’t make a dent in drug use in America. All it did was overload the prisons with poor souls who’s only crimes were smoking a few joints with friends in the park after a hard days work and were unlucky enough to get busted by over-zealous cops with nothing better to do.


yeah, I just see it so often, it’s not a crime, except to further problems.

look at energy drinks, or speed pills, they’re over the counter.



I don’t really drink, but only a little sometimes at parties

Some Walmarts sell Seagram’s at the checkout isle! And have a whole alcohol section besides that!

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