Is alcohol a accpeted drug?

all views welcomed…yes or no…?

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I’m not sure what you mean by accepted :thinking:

did you not literarly just get suspended for talking about drugs?


PUBS in every country like?

is alcohol a drug?

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Why are you asking lol. You just said it was. I dont think we can start threads on this, they get shut down.

AA, CA, and NA all consider alcohol as a drug. It’s accepted more by society due to the fact that it’s legal but It can ruin lives just as much as hard drugs. There’s a 99% chance it will never be illegal, prohibition just didn’t work. Pot is considered a “soft” drug that next to alcohol is the most accepted drug not counting caffeine and nicotine.

There! I just encapsulated a 2000+ history of alcohol use and the thousands of books written about it into 4 sentences! I’m a friggin genius!


This differs by country, but I’m assuming you live in North America.
If you are referring to liquor, then yes, it is accepted and regulated. You must be over 18 in Canada or 21 in the States to be able to have it.
If you are referring to alcohol as a drug (chemical substance), then both countries in North America label it as OTC (over the counter).

Hope this helps.

I think I asked this question in middle school health class. The answer I was given was yes, alcohol is a drug. They went to great lengths to make that apparent to us.

Alcohol is a mind altering substance, in other words, it is a drug

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I’ve never heard it labeled as such in my life.

Yes - of course its an accepted drug (at least here in uk) - but it doesnt make it less harmful. You just need to goto your local A+E on a Friday and Saturday night so see how it messes peoples lives up - thru self-inflicted injury or drunken violence.

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I personally didn’t know until I did a class in chemistry. So I’m just referring to the substance itself that’s in liquor. The chemical name for it is ‘ethanol’. It can be used in medicine, too, I heard. You may never see this in supermarkets or pharmacies, it’s just how the countries choose to label this chemical substance.

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Alcohol is a drug dude.

Cool. Maybe purified ethanol is considered an OTC drug but I don’t think anyone considers beer or a bottle of gin an OTC. Maybe in other countries though, but not in the United States.

I agree it is a drug, and a lot of people should say NO!

Well they’re probably referring to the chemical substance itself- so it might be mixed with something. When it’s mixed, like beer or wine, then it follows a different regulation on its own.
Ethanol is still regulated, meaning it has to pass an inspection before it’s released.
I’m squeezing the last bit of my chemistry knowledge that I learned in high school. Chemistry was such a pain in grade 12 lol

Yes, it is a drug and it must be used carefully. That’s why there are rules for that, I believe.

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why do so many people need a illegal or legal drug to function 2019?

of course it’s over the counter

it’s a substance, and it’s legal, and it’s available.

what more do you need to know, it’s like buying anything else.

You’re misunderstanding, darling. (Did I really just say that?) @Daze, everything you buy in a pharmacy or a store of course is handed over to you over the cashiers counter. “Over-the counter” is a common distinction separating drugs that only a pharmacist can get you only with a prescription and drugs that you can buy without a prescription in the drug aisle. Example: You can only get AP’s or codeine or certain medications for acid-reflux disease with a prescription. You can buy drugs like Tylenol or Nyquil or other certain anti-reflux disease medications like Tagamet without a prescription. Anyone can buy Nyquil or Tylenol or Tagamet from the drug aisle without a prescription. You can only get our AP’s with a prescription. You’re right, anyone over 21 (except in certain states where it’s 18) can buy alcohol any time they want just like buying a loaf of bread or an orange.

Did I understand what you meant?

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