Is adoption possible?

My wife and i have been discussing the possibility of adopting or fostering in the future. Does anyone think that it would be a waste of time considering my dx of SZA? Im sure i would be scrutinized to no end but if i were stable and med compliant for a few years and could get a pdoc letter with a positive opinion, would it be possible? I have a history of psychotic episodes and ptsd but have never been hospitalized. We are just discussing the possibility of attempting this option in a few years at this point, but was curious if i should even start considering it or get my hopes up with the possibility of a reglatory or legal exclusion plus the possiblity of severe discrimination due to my dx. What do you guys think? Would it be a waste of time and never come to fruition? Or with the possibility of a few years stable, med compliant, and a pdoc letter could it be possible?

If your wife is a normie then I think it is possible. They let single parents foster so it is very possible the two of you could be a formidable fostering team.

Okay. Just spoke with a foster care therapist. She said that typically they send you to get a physical from a doctor and the doctor declares whether your physically fit or not to foster children. It doesn’t so much come up whether you are deemed mentally able to foster.

Also, the details pretty much come down to the agency. If one agency is scrutinizing, another may not be. I hope that helps.


Oh yeah. And they do a background check. So don’t have a criminal record.

My wife and I were approved to adopt here in Canada. The problem was that the only kids that we could adopt all had variants of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Fetal Alcohol Effect. That was the one health problem that neither Mrs. Pixel or myself feel equipped to deal with. We eventually backed out for that reason.


Does it matter what kind of criminal record you have? Like a felony versus minor charge?

It might matter if it’s the difference in indicating possible abuse. For example, minor charges regarding violence or selling drugs aren’t usually tolerated. Other minor charges might be overlooked.