Is abilify the answer?

Hello all. Tomorrow is the day for me to talk to my pnurse. My breasts are tender and sore from
paliperidone unfortunately. I’m listed as paranoid sz. Would Abilify work for this?
Its what I’m thinking of asking for as my new med, just from the fact that so many here give it good reviews…:thinking:

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My breast got sore on the paliperidone at first then it went away.

Its odd, Ive been on it for like half a year and loved it. Breasts thing just started though and pretty sure my pnurse will want to switch me up to something else unfortunately.

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How long have you been taking invega, Sherlock?

Maybe Turtle is right, the pain will go away.

If not, well, my experience with abilify has been mostly good. It works for me even at low dosage (10mg), I don’t have positive symptoms (except mild paranoia when extremely stressed out) and sleep is good.

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Oh, sorry I saw your reply too late.
Half a year is a fairly long time.
Are you sure it’s AP’s fault your breasts are sore?


Good question but I cant think of anything else that it would be. And the pnurse keeps asking about breast symptoms every time I talk to him.

I always say I like abilify. Mostly it’s cos it controls my positive symptoms at a low dose.

But in terms of negative symptoms, it’s still problematic

I do hope to manage that to a good enough degree thou

If your prolactin is high, Theres a good chance that the sore chest is from your antipsychotic


Hmm, then maybe the pnurse’s on to something. I’ve no idea. Be ready to discuss a change, but don’t be hasty. Switching APs is a gamble.

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Thanks Slothy, yeah I only hear good things about abilfy, and invega has been good but it doesn’t do too much for my negatives anyway.

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Yes abilify is the answer for that. Google …oh shoot ivorgo the name of the hormone… Projesterone? Something like that

I used to have a graph that showed which med increases it the most and abilify actually lowered it or causes no raise in it, while most other a.p’s raised it.

I forget what the hormones called but it’s responsible for man boob growth

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Thanks @ThePoet , yeah I dont need any man boobage :smiley:

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Dude I was able to find it…

It’s prolactin

And here’s the graph

As you can see abilify (aripiprozol) has the least effect on prolactin

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Okay yeah thats familiar, my pnurse has mentioned it. Good also that dont have to worry about it with abilify!

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Im having issues with my prolactin levels too. I have nipple discharge, sore breasts, weight gain, irregular periods. I see an endo in a month, im pretty sure its my risperidone causing it but my doctor wants to make sure its not something else.

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Abilify was the drug that helped me.

Also it’s only $50 for the generic pills (30 pills)

The brand name ones are $500…

So make sure you ask for the generic no-brand when you get your prescription!

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Yeah I think the pnurse has been on the lookout for discharge but I haven’t experienced that yet, thank god.

Abilify worked for like a year then it caused TD on me

Add on: my old nurse put me on meds for Parkinson’s it didn’t work

Oh, what TD symptoms did you get?

I’ve been on Abilify for 9 years for paranoid schizophrenia.


@Sherlock uncontrollable movements it was awful it hurt because of uncontrollable repetitive movements