Is a lot of the world superficial?

Or is my reality of that theory distorted

I dont know, surely hope not.
Watch the documentary HUMAN its available for free on youtube. It might help you with this.

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There is a lot that goes on that is superficial, but once you understand the reason for it it’s not so irritating. You can’t have an in depth conversation every time you talk. A lot of superficial stuff is unavoidable.


It took me a long time to get used to small talk and polite chatter… over superficial stuff…

@crimby is right… you can’t jump into a deep conversation all the time… it starts to get over peoples head.

Some times people are in a space in their day where they don’t have the brain power or the time to have an in depth conversation… then it’s time for the small talk.

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I just cant do it. Honestly im not superficial enough. Not in a bad way ive just become too serious sometimes and cant turn off the serious when i want. I just kind of get light with conversation when it happens i guess.

I thought you meant superficial as in looks :confused:.

The answer would be, yes. Yes it is.

I would say your perception of reality is spot on. Most people are pretty superficial. But we’re all complex, and we all have deeper thoughts now and then. Even the most superficial people do.

A lot of this society/culture is yes - it’s garbage.

Do you mean “artificial”? (fake, mechanical)

If that’s what you’re getting at

  1. Congrats - you’ve become smart overnight like I did
  2. Christians are trained as children to suspect this possibility so it isn’t unsettling if proven later
  3. Many people would be grateful to uncover our existence as a fake existence because it’s a really crappy existence.

If you meant “Superficial” as “Shallow” …well, most people are not a whole lot more than animals so kitties will always go to the house that leaves out a bigger bowl of milk; “True Love” holds no equity.

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By Superficial you mean most Humans?. Yes they are.

This is not always necessarily true. Most animals are able to display a range of deep emotions that many times most humans do not.

There have been examples of Animals sacrificing themselves for the sake of their human owners.

I, and probably everyone here who either romantically loves an sz or is loved by a sane person would disagree. There are a whole lot bigger bowls of milk than me, yet C stays with me. I think this is true for a lot of people. I just think that the reason people don’t find true love or are in relationships as deep as many of ours are is that we’re more vulnerable and more emotional. They’re pretending to make themselves look good to someone who’s pretending in return. We can’t pretend like that, I don’t think. At least now well.


I think there are a lot of people who transcend being superficial by the love they have and enact for their children and families. Small talk may be all they know but they have deep feelings for friends and family. They probably think people who are intellectual are superficial. :wink:

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Artificial would probably be a better word yes

Although I realize how absurdly disturbing that perception can be I wouldn’t let it worry you.
As I’ve said, some people find hope from viewing things in that light because it offers promise that our hard and cruel world is just a temporary joke.

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