Is 6mg of invega a low dose?

It equals to 3mg of risperdal i belive. What do you think?

its the standard dose of invega, invega is potent, maybe you dont need as much for voices to disappear

I don´t hear voices. I was hospitalized for delusions. I have no symptoms on 6 mg, but id like to know if its a low or medium dose. I has 2:1 ratio compared to risperdal, so its like taking 3mg of risperdal. Is 3mg of risperdal a low dose?

Nah, not high or low…about average.

I’m not a doctor or a medical professional, and I don’t give medical advice. I guess I can tell you about my experiences, though, and link to some information that I cannot verify or endorse.
"INVEGA® Dosing & Administration
The recommended starting dose of INVEGA® is 6 mg once daily
Initial dose titration is not required
Dosing of 3 mg to 12 mg provides greater flexibility for patients who may benefit from higher or lower doses‡
Dose adjustment should occur only after clinical reassessment and should occur at intervals of more than 5 days

‡The efficacy of the 1.5 mg dose has not been established in clinical trials."

Personal experience that can be skipped:
I was on 6 mg of Invega for probably about a total of 4 or 5 years over the years. I’ve also been on 3 mg for 8 months or more at a time, and been on 3 mg several times. I was even on 1.5 mg for 3 months. Once, a general practitioner increased my dose to 9 mg for a few days, but my psychiatrist at the time got irritated and told me to go back to the 6 mg.

Anyway, I think the link listed above is pretty clear about what it says is the ‘recommended’ dose and what it says is a ‘low’ dose.