Is 50mg of invega sustenna considered a low does?

I’m on 50 mg injection a month, is that considered low? How come I was on maximum 400 mg Ability a month which stopped working then changed it to lower invega sustenna that seems to be working, why the big difference in doses?

Different drugs metabolise differently. You find that they will be totally different doses…it’s not something to worry about. You worry about how they work. As with any antispychotic you need to give them a minimum of six weeks to see how it’s going.

It’s nothing different. It’s just how some chemicals are introduced to your body!

50mg is the lowest dosages I was on that drug to begin with for 3 years @ 150mg
It worked but I lost my conversational skills for a while there.

Now I’m on clozapine 450mg doing a lot better getting out and about and conversating.

I also lost my thought process on invega so I have little thought in conversation now.

If it works stick on it it was a good drug for me to begin with.