Is 156mg Invega a good dose?

I relapsed on 117mg so now im trying 156mg. I was in betwern the doses on haloperidol, too heavy of drug for me. What is your best Invega dose?

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İ have been treated with invega for nearly 7 years and all i can say is depend the person situation.some people feel great on 75mg some others needs 156 mg.its really depends how is your prognosis.for example my pdoc prescribed me 350 mg trevicta which is equal to 100 mg xeplion or 6 mg oral invega.but i was not happy with that dosage because i used to have some mild paranoia that s why i asked additional 3mg oral invega.and i feel paranoia no my point is if you are symptom free then it s your dose

Isn’t 100mg of xeplion equal to 9mg of Invega?

No 100 mg invega equal to 6 mg as i remember.9 mg invega is equal to 156 mg

Xeplion 100mg = Invega sustenna 156mg = 9mg oral Invrga. As far as I know

Xeplion is european brand name for invega sustenna and trevicta european brand name for invega trinza. Trevicta ( invega trinza) 3 monthly version of xeplion (invega sustenna)

Yeah I know, just the equal doses are different. 117mg Invega sustenna = 75mg xeplion

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No i think not .116 mg invega sustenna equal to100 mg xeplion

It depends what your symptoms are. I needed 234 mg of Invega Sustenna and now I need the max dose of Invega Trinza.

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How were you doing on lower dosages? My pdoc insists that i dont need a higher dosage tho, Im not sure myself

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The first time in 2015 I took the two starter doses of Invega Sustenna when I was in the psych ward and was fine but my insurance wouldn’t cover it so I didn’t take it again until 2019 when I got insurance that would cover it. Still had some symptoms at 156 mg so I went back to the psych ward and they gave me the max dose and then my symptoms eventually went away.

I am doing great on 75mg. My biggest problem is that I need to be more active.