Is 100mg invega a normal dose?

50mg or 75mg is a low dose right?

Those are all low doses

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I’m 150mg . Works for me.

I take 12 mg Invega pills daily.

I’m on 234, which is the highest dose they administer

İ m 350 mg 3 monthly of invega which equal to 100mg and plus 3 mg daily oral shouldn t think for any dose for high or low.if you take low dose rather than what you need it you will have all symptom plus medicine side effects.invega side effects really tolerable and no physical harm to body even in higher dose.good luck on your treatment

When I was on the shot I took 234mg. When I was taking a pill it was 9 mg

Thanks for the replies guys. Think I will be on 50mg a month after initial 150mg then 100mg a week later.

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Was on 100 Invega/Xeplion for years. Its a normal dose. The other sz below me is on 75.

Im a Haldol Kiddo now tho.

Im on 819 mg trinza lol

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